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"This is the life," Annie thought to herself, "but why stop now?" She thought of her sister Gina, who was still considerably larger than herself, and she thought of her beloved, who would be coming home in a week, and she thought of the cookie dough which she had left in the kitchen, and with that thought she heaved herself up out of the pool and went back to the house.  She dried herself off, which took a good deal longer than she was accustomed to, there being much more of herself to dry off than there had been previously, put the panties back on, delighted at how snugly they held her, and picked out one of the dresses that she had bought earlier that day.  Thus prepared, Annie then went back downstairs to the kitchen, and got ready for the next step.

Annie decided that as much fun as it had been up to this point, if she was ever going to catch up with her sister she was going to have to go all out.  It was with this in mind that she had gotten all the cookie dough earlier, and now she went ahead with her plan, mixing it all up in a huge pot and setting it on the table, humming cheerfully to herself as her thighs rubbed together when she moved, and even though it was a challenge to stir the pot without making her massive bosom quake alarmingly; an act which sent trembles of pure joy through her soft and well-padded figure.  Annie realized then that she had not really thought this through adequately.  It would take her all night, she suspected, to eat all this with a spoon, and it was still too thick to try and drink through a straw.  Finally, she hit upon an idea that she hoped would let her accomplish her goal with reasonable haste.  She carefully took the pot and set it on chair against the wall, sat down on her already more than ample behind, and slowly tipped the pot towards her until the rich sweet dough inside was lapping at the edge of the pot, placed her mouth at the rim and leaned back.

The effect was immediate and overwhelming.  Annie felt it begin to pour into her mouth, and as she began to swallow, she experienced a sensation compared to which all the transports of ecstasy she had felt that day were nothing more than echoes.  It overwhelmed her utterly, and she felt herself filling even more.  Her breasts, already larger than basketballs, seemed to swell up like balloons as more and more fat was forced into them.  She felt her belly growing more enormous than it already was as gallon upon gallon of the sweet delicious dough poured into her.  Her already luscious ass swelled and widened as it expanded beneath her.  Her thighs rippled with fatness as they grew, forcing Annie to spread her legs farther apart.  At last she began to feel that she might need a break.  It was all too overwhelming to take in at once, and for the first time that day Annie began to feel as if she might be getting full.  When she tried to push the pot back upright though, she found that between the weight of her still growing endowments and the waves or orgasmic bliss pouring over her, she was unable to push it away from her mouth.  Annie lay there, wondering how much could possibly be left.  She hoped that she might be able to let go and push the pot to the side, but her breasts had now grown so huge that they seemed to be supporting the pot as it poured its contents into her.  She felt her belly swelling and growing as she grew fatter and fatter still; it felt so tight and full that she wondered how much more she would be able to take in.  Her breasts, now bloated larger than beach balls rose in front of her, each milky white and so very full and fat that they quivered as if they were about to burst.  Her thighs kept pushing each other further apart, and though consumed by the desperation of her situation, Annie felt her hand reaching down towards her waist, her swelling body throbbing with lust as she grew still fatter.  Her bottom groaned beneath her as it was pumped fuller and fuller with fat, tremblingly, alarmingly full, as her boobs grew past the beach ball range and began to creak as they quivered immensely.  As though possessed, her hand at last found its way past her magnificent belly and down the front of her panties.  As Annie touched her womanhood, her enormous body was wracked anew as she shuddered through the orgasmic euphoria that seized her and utterly robbed her of her senses, and she knew no more.

Annie awoke to the sight of the cool clean light of the full moon streaming down in a cloudless night through the kitchen window.  Its pale light illuminated the seemingly endless expanse of alabaster flesh that she beheld.  The pot, empty but for a few drops, lay rolled to the side of the kitchen, and Annie tried to take the measure of herself as she awoke and struggled to her feet.  She was huge beyond her imagining.  Her breasts billowed voluminously in front of her, almost as large as bean bag chairs and quivering with fatness with each breath that she took.  Her hips were so broad that she wondered if she would be able to walk through the doors of the house anymore, and as she took a careful step she felt her massively expanded thighs rub together in a way that sent a jolt of excitement coursing through her loins.  Her ass, already succulent in its voluptuousness had grown unbelievably ponderous and sensual, so much so that as it quivered and bounced with her first steps, Annie reached for the doorframe for support and was amazed when she felt her belly press against the cold plaster of the wall.  She looked down, gathering her prodigious breasts in her arms as well as she was able and trying to gain a view of her already more than ample stomach, and marveled at the sight of her bountiful belly, engorged so massively that it pressed against the wall in front of her.  She touched it cautiously, running her fingers across its lush vastness, her skin yielding softly at her touch in a way that excited her even as she felt so full and fat that for the moment she could not even conceive of eating any more.

Annie stood there for an endless moment, trying to wrap her mind around how truly huge she had become, until she noticed a few drops of cookie dough still spread across her titanic bosom.  She wrapped both her arms around her huge and swollen breast as well as she was able and brought it to her mouth, as she licked the dough from her skin.  The sensation of her tongue against her flesh filled her with bliss and she was once more lost in the pleasures of her own body until she realized that she had lapped up the last of the dough, and saw that her nipple was now in view.  With great effort, she hefted her bulging mammary to her mouth and was relieved to see that, though if she got much bigger it would be impossible, she was still able to apply her lips to her nipple, which stiffened as she took it in her mouth, larger than it had been, but still petite compared to the vastness of her breast.  Once more her body shook with transports of delight as the climax seized her.  As she quivered, the weight of her mammoth breasts tried to pull her nipple from her mouth, causing Annie to suck all the harder to hold onto it, which only heightened the sensation.  As her mountainous endowments bounced and jiggled Annie lost her balance and fell to the floor, her exquisitely fat ass striking the cold hard floor with a smack that caused her to almost pass out from the pleasure of it.  The impact pulled her fat and rosy nipple at last from her mouth, her ponderously huge breast slapping down upon her belly and sending wave upon wave of orgasmic delight through her shuddering body before she recovered herself.

Annie stood slowly, her titanic endowments wobbling lusciously as she rose to her feet.  As she made her way out of the kitchen she marveled at the way the doorframe now squashed her prodigious breasts together in front of her, and how it squeezed her voluptuous behind as she walked through, particularly glad that hers was a house with wide doors and open hallways.  She found the largest dress that she had bought earlier that day, and while once it had seemed unimaginably huge, Annie now had to struggle to get it to contain her.  The buttons in the front strained as they held back her gargantuan bosom.  Stretched across her expansively sumptuous ass the fabric clung to her figure as if it was painted on, and her belly loomed out in front of her, lush and yielding.  As Annie looked down into the capacious chasm of her cleavage, and contemplated her huddled masses yearning to breathe free, she decided that it was time to take a little break and relax.  She retrieved a case of beer from the fridge, turned the stereo to something soothing and settled down upon the sofa comfortably, though she suspected that its comfort had more to do with her generous padding than that of the couch.  She popped the cap off a bottle and downed its contents in an instant, smiling as the cool richness of the beer spread throughout her body making her dress almost imperceptibly tighter.  

She felt so good that she quickly drank another, and then another, so that before she knew it, Annie looked and realized that she had drank half the case.  She went to stand up, but instead found herself sliding off the couch and resting on the floor, her inordinately cushiony bottom supporting her.  Annie realized that she had become rather tipsy, and suddenly getting up and going to bed seemed like a thing that could wait a while, and she reached instead for another beer, working her way steadily through the rest of the case as her dress occasionally protested as grew still larger.  Finishing the last beer, Annie took a deep and contented breath, and as she did, the front of her dress split open, her enticingly fat belly resting on her plump legs almost out to her knees.  As Annie patted it absent-mindedly, she thought again of her sister Gina, and how much larger she still was than Annie.  They had to be something she could do, Annie though, that could make her the biggest, and tonight, though all the stores were closed at this late hour and through her fog of pleasant inebriation she knew that she was in no condition to drive anyway.  

Suddenly it came to her, the keg!  It was at least another fifteen gallons, just waiting to be tapped and guzzled down.  Annie rose unsteadily, her wobbling assets and impaired equilibrium slowing her progress, and at last she made her way with awkward grace into the kitchen again, where she rolled the keg away from the wall and inspected it.  The label read: "Butterbeer" and it had a curious look to it, Annie was almost certain that she had not bought this sort of beer, and yet, here it was, and even still in the keg it seemed to have a palpably sweet smell to it.  At any rate, if she was going to get even larger than Gina tonight, this was her only option.  Annie retrieved the tap from the counter, and fumbling with her plump hands at last got it connected to the keg.  She stood beside it, holding on for balance, and took the hose and wrapped her lips around it.  And then, with a turn of her hand, she turned open the tap.

As the frothy contents of the keg spilled into her mouth, Annie was immediately overcome with how rich and sweet it tasted, like nothing else that she had experienced before.  Its effect was equally strong, as almost instantly it surged into her already swollen breasts and set them quivering again as they grew, popping the buttons off of her dress in rapid succession and releasing a deluge of pale, quivering flesh as her boobs filled like water balloons, larger and larger as fat was forced into them.  Her dress began to ride up as her butt grew still more massive, as more and more fat was poured into it and it grew more lusciously soft and squeezable with each passing second.  She felt her belly expanding beneath her enormous bust and inhaled sharply when it at last it bulged out so vast and indulgent that it touched the cool metal of the keg and sent an electric thrill through her body as she began to feel rather overfull.  Her thighs pressed against each other again, and every few seconds Annie seemed to have to move them apart, lest the pressure between them either make her lose her footing or push so insistently up against her tingling womanhood that it threatened to overwhelm her.  As Annie felt the sleeves of the dress, or what remained of it, at least, tightening around her plumpening arms, she gave herself over to the oceans of pleasure that seemed to be washing over and through her.  As she stood, watching and savoring the feeling as her luxurious and still-ballooning boobs grew more impossibly monstrous, Annie at last moved her legs a little too far apart, and she fell to the floor, her colossal derriere landing with a loud smack, the dress having now ridden up much too high to cover its wobbling expanse of soft flesh, still quivering as it was filled even fatter.  It was not nearly so far a fall as Annie expected, and looking down she was amazed to see that it had grown so vast that it lifted her almost as high as if she was sitting in a chair.

Annie now considered exactly how huge she wanted to be.  Surely she was almost as large as Gina now, if not a little larger, she thought as her breasts made contact with her spreading thighs and began to fill her lap.  She was, after all, feeling more than a little overfull now, her belly felt taut and even the panties seemed not to be growing as fast as her impossibly curvaceous figure was, as they began to dig into the soft ample flesh around them as she expanded still larger.  Annie decided at last to call it a night, and reached to turn off the tap.  She found, however, that from her current position on the floor, she was unable to get the leverage she needed to turn it off, and struggled for some seconds as it continued to fill her even more, her unimaginably succulent ass lifting her higher as it spread beneath her.  As she continued to become fatter with each passing moment, Annie knew she had to decide.  All her reason and sense told her to just take it out of her mouth and wait until tomorrow to grow any larger.  And yet, it felt so incredible, as her monstrous hourglass figure swelled to ever more tremendous dimensions, and Annie could not shake the thought that Gina was still fatter and more buxom than she, and besides, the keg, she thought, must be mostly empty already, and so, as butterbeer gushed into her, Annie turned the tap all the way open, throwing the floodgates wide and sucking as hard as she was able.

The wave hit Annie like a tsunami as she began to grow larger faster than she imagined possible.  With the first surge, the tattered remains of her dress exploded off of her body as it swelled in all directions.  Her breasts burgeoned and bulged alarmingly as more fat was squeezed into them in a few seconds than had been in the last hour.  They surged out in front of her, pulsing with fatness as they filled her capacious lap and spread across her billowing thighs.  Her ass, which up until this point had not grown as vast her obscenely juicy breasts, seemed suddenly to take up the challenge and in an instant Annie felt it balloon beneath her, rippling and quaking as gallon upon gallon of fat was pumped into it. It lifted her further off the floor as it grew still more engorged with fat, the smooth, creamy skin of her ass creaking and groaning as it was filled and then overfilled as Annie softly moaned with pleasure.  Her belly shivered as it ballooned massively, pressing against her fattening thighs and trying to push against the shaking zeppelins of her swelling bosom as it filled with more shuddering fat than she thought she could hold.  Annie's panties seemed at last to have met their match as her rippling, jiggling flesh seemed to overwhelm them and they grew tighter, riding up as they tried to find the narrowest part of her enormously curvaceous waist.  As they did so, the panties pressed tightly just beneath her expanding belly and cleaving more tightly with each second to her most intimate of curves, caressing her most feminine features in a way that threatened to overcome her completely.

As the torrent poured on unabated, Annie began to feel more full than she had even when it had been cookie dough pouring into her plumpening body.  With a start she felt her titanic breasts make contact with her chin as the magic of her panties forced into the yet more fat, as if regardless of her limits.  Annie reached out her chubby hands and tenderly touched her quaking bosom.  Her skin, groaning softly as it was forced to hold yet more fat, felt strangely taut to her hands, and yet, as her massive jugs continued to swell outward they pressed against her thighs, and now her cheeks with irresistibly insistent softness, the spreading fullness of her pale flesh overwhelming her tiny, plump, hands.  Her belly continued to stretch larger and more enormous, the spell being utterly indifferent how many gallons of fat it filled her with.  Annie felt full, then overfull, then impossibly gorged as her belly distended out still further, pressing her unspeakably ample thighs out farther and exerting such stimulating pressure on her femininity as even greater pressure within forced it to expand to still more massive dimensions.  Annie moved her hands down towards it, slowly working them under her nectarous bosom and rested them gently against it.  Even this light pressure against it though, made her groaning belly feel as if she were about to burst, the increasing pressure filling her with the most exquisite agony.  Her bottom, already ponderous in its immensity, continued to expand under her lifting her up higher as it spread wider with her increasingly broad and fertile hips.  As it grew more massive the cold tile of the kitchen floor excited her, even as it was compelled to accept untold pounds of quivering fat, more than Annie imagined she could possibly hold as her luscious ass was filled far beyond any imaginable capacity and continued to grow ever more titanic.  And still she sucked.

Her breasts continued to groan with fatness as they continued to fill like water balloons tied to a fire hose.  Annie felt her skin stretching and straining as fat was forced into them.  As they continued to swell still larger, spreading out across her lap and pressing against her cheeks, Annie was amazed to think how much fat had to be adding to their size for them to grow so quickly.  The loose curls of her dark hair caressed them as they rose still higher, even the lightest causing them to absolutely tremble with fatness as the panties filled them unremittingly.  Her ass, already massive beyond comprehension, continued to grow yet more distended as relentlessly it was pumped fatter and fatter.  It groaned as more flesh was created in it, still lifting Annie off the floor, growing so large, so tight, so quiveringly burdened with voluptuousness that Annie gasped with acute ecstasy though she felt that she was far too huge already.  As her swelling thighs pressed up against it, her belly continued to engorge.  It felt to Annie as if a gallon a second was being poured into it, and she already felt impossibly replete as her pale flesh strained and creaked.  She begged to herself that it might stop, and yet, she did not take the hose from her mouth.  She felt as if she were going to burst any second, but now, slowly, the flow from the keg began to slow.  Still she grew as it flowed into her, bloated breasts pressing her face into her vast cleavage, but more slowly now.  Her immense belly still quaked tautly as more fat was added to it, but not as insistently as before.  And finally, her mammoth derriere shuddering in ponderous opulence, the keg was empty.

Annie slowly assayed to rise to her feet, surprised as how agile she still felt, even as her sumptuous endowments jiggled and bounced.  As she tried to get her legs beneath her to stand, she was amazed how thunderously swollen her thighs were, and how widely she had to plant her feet to stand.  Turning to the mirror, she gasped as she saw how colossal her belly had become, jutting out in front of her like some concupiscent image of pregnancy.  The panties fit her like a thong now, stretched up above her immensely flaring hips and plunging down both in front and behind as they tightly rubbed against her womanhood.  She was buxom beyond belief, her massively fat tits swollen with more fat than she had imagined they could hold.  As Annie momentarily lost her balance, she reached out towards to table for support but felt instead the soft expanse of her soft and yielding thigh, so broad had her hips become that she could no longer reach beyond them at waist height.  She went to move into the living room, to examine herself in the larger mirror there and was amazed to find how narrow the door seemed.  At more than four feet wide, she had never imagined that it would not be wide enough to permit her through, and yet she found that to pass she had to slip one quaking breast through at a time, and as she squeezed her tremendous bottom through, the confines of the door pressed against her luxuriant belly so tightly that she felt she would lose her feet as an orgasm washed over her.

As she finally stood before the mirror in the living room, Annie gasped at the sight of her impossibly generous figure.  She was shocked at how titanic she had become; she had expanded to at least twice the size she had been before her last filling.  Her breasts, she now saw, were mammoth beyond reckoning, projecting at least two feet beyond her enticingly fecund belly.  They quivered and trembled with her every breath, her fat juicy tits jiggling as Annie tried to get a take them all in.  She tried in vain to wrap her arms around their vastness, her hands reaching hardly a third of the way around to her rosy nipples.  Even standing there, Annie saw how they had become so sumptuously fat that they rubbed against her cheeks as she peered along more than a yard of cleavage.  They throbbed with fatness, ripe to bursting, so much fat had they submitted to having forced into them.  Annie looked at her belly, trying to push her quaking jugs out towards her sides for a better view of it.  She was astonished at how massive and full it had become.  The magic of the panties had filled it fatter and fatter still, infinitely more massive than Annie had suspected and she was amazed that her belly, so quiverly huge, so alarmingly distended in its fullness, had been able to contain the unthinkable volume of fat that it had been compelled to accept.

Annie reached down now, trying to remove the panties so that she might get a better look at the rest of her impossibly plush and opulent figure.  She soon found though, that in addition to her prodigious mammaries almost pulling her over forward, her hips were too wide for her to take them off easily, and she was unable to press her billowing thighs together tightly enough to get the panties off.  At last she hit upon a solution.  Annie lay down upon the floor, surprised at how far off the carpet her enormous posterior lifted her, and slowly, managed to roll the panties down over her fat hips and swollen rear end.  She had to kick her legs to get them down past her chubby knees, and as her generous thighs pounded against her swollen belly Annie felt that the pressure would make her explode, the exquisite torture of the sensation threatening to rob her of her senses.  Finally the panties were off, and having gathered and folded them (for even now, with her entire buxom body quavering with fatness like a leaf on a tree, Annie refused to rule out the idea of using them again) Annie once more struggled to her feet to take inventory of her delectably sumptuous endowments.  She turned, slowly, her lavishly huge bosom almost seeming to slosh as she did so, and stared in wonder at how incomparably titanic her bottom had grown.  It projected out in defiance of gravity and decency, obscenely fat, the endless expanse of its luscious, creamy flesh so achingly huge that Annie stood agog.  It was immense, and trembled as if it had been filled and overfilled to bursting, the magic of the panties having pumped her posterior so enormously full that all Annie could think about was how incredible it would be when her beloved returned home, and how insanely horny it made her to think about him taking her from behind and thrusting himself into her quiveringly resplendent ass.  But that, Annie reminded herself, was still almost a week away.  

Slowly, Annie went down the hallway and began to make her way up the stairs towards the bedroom.  She gasped as the cool plaster of the walls in the stairwell pressed against her body, rubbing against her bloated bosom and her enormously swollen behind and stimulating her terribly.  Annie was forced to go slower, making her way up the stairs almost painstakingly as her body trembled on the edge of an orgasm the whole way up.  At last she stood at the top of the stairs, the bathroom ahead of her and the bedroom to the left.  Annie was tired, but still so incredibly horny that she couldn't think about going to bed just yet.  Annie made her way into the bathroom, once more laboriously squeezing her overfilled endowments through the door, it's narrow frame excited her in spite of herself as she stuffed her massive breasts through it and finally stood inside, looking at the hot tub.

It had come with the house, and Annie had always thought it was a silly luxury, but her beloved liked it, and she did have to admit that it was occasionally nice to enjoy a good long soak.  It was big enough for four, and steam gently rose from the surface of the still water.  Thinking only of how wonderful it would be to pleasure herself again, Annie nimbly climbed over the edge (thankful once again that the magic of the panties made her just as light on her feet as she ever had been) and flopped into the tub, a good deal of water splashing out as she went in.  Annie inhaled sharply as the hot water touched her skin excitingly.  Her mammoth breasts rubbed against the bottom of the tub, and carefully Annie rolled over on her back and sighed contentedly.  Her immense posterior rested against the bottom of the tub, and though her buoyancy meant that far from all of her weight was upon it, the pressure was still enough to remind Annie of how massively overfull it was.  Her belly stood out above the surface of the water, and Annie wondered as she looked at herself in the large mirror that took up most of the opposite wall, how divinely huge it was, and how impossibly replete she felt.  Her breasts tended to float high in the water, and Annie frowned at them for a moment before laying her plump arms on top of them and pushing her titanic melons down into the water until her nipples were submerged.  The warm water seemed to caress them, and with a thrill Annie felt them stiffen.  

Annie reached down now, working her hands down under her enormous breasts, each quivering gently in the water, and then snaking her hands along the sides of her vast swollen belly.  Annie was trembling now in anticipation as her hands drew closer to her femininity; if just walking, just rubbing against the wall turned her on, she thought, how incredibly intense it would feel to touch her throbbing body there.  Suddenly, Annie realized that she couldn't reach herself.  She was too big in too many places for her arms to reach.  Even by squeezing her ponderously swollen breasts together until they shuddered alarmingly, and trying to press her succulently overfull belly aside until the pressure of grew too great for her to bear, Annie could only just barely reach herself, though she was amazed to feel that ever her lips seemed fuller, fat and luscious, and she realized that even her most womanly parts had been pumped impossibly full of fat.  But though Annie felt that she could come like never before just by touching what she was able to, she still lusted for the feeling of something inside her, filling her in the most intimate of ways, and again she thought ruefully about how long it was going to be before her fiancé would be home to touch her and feel her more than ample charms.

Annie rolled over on her front, her massive breasts pressing against the bottom of the tub as she tried to get as much of her swollen, trembling ass under the surface of the water as her huge belly would allow.  She spread her legs out as far as she was able to, and satisfied with her position, Annie turned on the hot tub.  As the motor growled to life, the water began to churn against her body.  Annie was overwhelmed for a moment by the feeling as the water caressed her.  Her enormous breasts trembled beneath her as the currents licked at them and her distended belly quivered under the onslaught of pleasure, sending incredible waves of bliss crashing over Annie as her prodigiously fat ass quaked with the rest of her body.  The water massaged every impossibly sensitive inch of her flesh and Annie could scarcely breathe as orgasm upon orgasm washed through her body, each one hardly ebbing before the next one hit her with all the gentleness of a runaway train.  Consumed by lust, Annie reached for the edge of the tub, turned up the intensity, and fainted as the most massive climax yet overcame her.

Half an hour later Annie awoke when the tub shut itself off.  She still lay front-down in the water, grateful that her massive mammaries were so well-suited to keeping her head above water.  As she assayed to stand, Annie found that she still had no strength at all.  Her whole body tingled intensely, and every few moments a shiver of delight seemed to run through her impossibly voluptuous frame.  All she could think of though, was how incredible sex was surely going to be now.  At length, she gathered her strength and stood unsteadily, the sheen of water glistening on her voluminous endowments, and made her ungainly way to the bedroom, where she flopped out upon the bed.  Annie buried her face in her billowing breasts, appreciating how much softer and more pleasant they were than any pillow she had previously had the pleasure of laying her head upon, and was, for the moment, satisfied.  As she felt herself drifting off to sleep, she absentmindedly gave her body a shake and sighed happily as she felt the undulations ripple through her, from her impossibly swollen ass all the way to her mammoth bosom, which still seemed to her too huge to be believed.  It was going to be a long week of waiting, Annie thought, but she imagined she could spend it pleasantly enough.

There was a knock at the door.
Already enormous, and with week left to fill before her beloved returns home, Annie decides that too much is never enough.
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Solo49 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
What a Awesome story.
SonicandShadowcool Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
Amazing story!! Though you could give a summary of the last one. Also the detail was pretty good. All in all,loved it.
kodos11 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
That's a good idea, I think I'll start working one of those in when I post sequels and continuations form now on. Thanks for the suggestion!
SonicandShadowcool Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
When you read stories as much as I do,you pick up some things.
SonicandShadowcool Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
By give a summary,I meant at the beginning of stories.
CyanideJuggalo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
Nice story. More of her speaking and dialogue would make it even better, along with more stuff about her arms, and even her sides, like rolls. But awesome story dude. (;
kodos11 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
Thanks! I assure you that in the next installment there will be more dialogue. I very much appreciate the feedback and encouragement!
Xerxes13110 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
Truly an amazing story! I loved how vivid the description is when she starts to get really huge!
I think you really surpassed Gina's story with Annie. :)
kodos11 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
Thank you! I'm very happy with how this one turned out, it is most encouraging to know that you enjoyed it too.
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